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Stella Pielage

Project Manager – Catalyze

Stella Pielage is a Project Manager at Catalyze who is eager to learn, and to help others achieve their best. She has a scientific background, with a specialty in management and entrepreneurship in the health and life sciences. Besides that her great interest lies in diversity, equity and inclusion within organizations and within businesses.

Stella is currently busy running 14 EU funded projects and with that leading cross-functional teams, developing comprehensive project proposals, and ensuring the timely delivery of project objectives. She has excellent communication and negotiation skills, adept at building relationships with EU institutions, consortium partners, and relevant stakeholders. In the Restore Vision project she will be supporting Annika in the role of Project Management.

Interested in Restore vision?

Restore vision, is a consumer-oriented non-profit organisation, founded to make the science behind food and health more accessible and easier to understand among the public.