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University Hospital of Cologne (UKK)


The University Hospital of Cologne is mainly responsible for the first clinical pilot studies in humans. The aim is to evaluate the most advanced therapeutic drugs for initial clinical safety and efficacy in early pilot human clinical applications. The objectives are therefore to test the most promising and advanced compounds (mostly based upon evaluation in WP3 and WP4) for initial safety and efficacy in prospective pilot clinical applications and to coordinate the retrospective objective evaluation of compassionate and off-label use of these and other compounds in the RED (including CORIC as a centralized independent reading centre).

UKK will also participate in WP1 for data / risk / financial management including leading the DMP, WP4 for animal testing with OLISENS and SFA VEGF Trap, WP6 to communicate and disseminate results, and WP7 regarding ethics and regulatory matters.


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