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Laboratoires KÔL (KÔL)


KÔL will contribute to writing and reviewing protocols for preclinical and clinical studies, provide Olisens® materials, and support the evaluation of the potential of novel therapeutic drugs in preclinical models for the 7 REDs. It will also take a lead role in regulatory affairs, including obtaining orphan drug designation for the targeted therapeutic indications.

KÔL’s product, Olisens®, is an oligonucleotide antisense for the treatment of corneal neovascularization, studied in 4 preclinical REDs models:

  1. CN: Corneal Vascularization;
  2. AAK – Associated Aniridia Keratopathy;
  3. OGVHG – Ocular Graft Versus Host Diseases;
  4. LSCD – Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency.

Furthermore, Olisens® will undergo a pilot prospective randomized clinical trial to prevent exacerbation of corneal neovascularization in Aniridia-Associated Keratopathy. KÔL will also provide expertise for the development of industrial formulations for the other 8 products.


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