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INSERM, Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers, Hôpital Cochin Paris (INS)


INS leads the work focusing on toxicity and formulation of drugs in Restore Vision, directly linked to the project’s second objective “developing and evaluating formulations for all drugs.” INS also contributes to all other project objectives and scientific work packages, including participation in data/risk/financial management, communication and dissemination activities, and ethics and regulatory matters.

INS’s research includes the role of mineralocorticoid/glucocorticoid receptor (MR/GR) pathways activation in ocular surface diseases, wound healing, limbal deficiency-associated pathology, lipid metabolism, and neural regeneration. It develops local formulations of compounds modulating the MR/GR pathways for treating ocular surface diseases. Additionally, the team evaluates in vitro and in vivo tolerance of various formulations of novel or repurposed compounds for topical application in the treatment of rare ocular surface diseases, collaborating with other members of the Restore Vision project. Biobanking of ocular samples from patients with ocular surface diseases is performed at Cochin Hospital.


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