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Cell2Cure (C2C)


C2C will contribute directly to the scientific objectives of the project by providing C2C_ASC products and expertise for:

  1. preclinical and clinical trials and trial design;
  2. establishing new treatment cell number and volume formulations relevant for eye diseases; and
  3. isolating extracellular vesicles from C2C_ASC for exploring mechanisms of actions.

C2C will participate in establishing in-vivo and in-vitro models for preclinical investigations of mechanisms of action in different clinical indications. It will take the lead in achieving objective 2 (“validation of human drug targets of repurposed drugs and novel therapies”) by providing C2C_ASC and objective 5 (“first in human pilot clinical studies”) by offering expertise in regulatory approval processes. C2C will also contribute to data, risk, and financial management, communication and dissemination activities, and ethics and regulatory matters.


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